All your

Credit Cards
Debit Cards
Gift Cards

in one card.

An AI-powered card that adapts to your spending habits and needs.
Designed for Millennials, by Millennials.

Infino - All your cards in one card

How does it work?

Infino - All Your Cards In One Card
Link Your Finances

Add your existing payment methods (Banks, Wallets & Cards).

Infino - All Your Cards In One Card
Personalize Them

Set up your preferences: Limits, Automation, classification of cards.

Infino - All Your Cards In One Card

Transact With Your Infino Card

Link your Infino card to the application and start transacting.

What's included?

These are just some of the benefits you get with an Infino card. We're working our πŸ‘ off to provide you with more!

  • πŸ€‘

    Manage all your finances, track balances, cashbacks and offers on one Application.
  • πŸ€“

    Track your spending, identify patterns and set-up budgets. Take control of your finances!
  • πŸ––

    Split your bill between different cards, wallets and bank accounts instantly.
  • 😎

    Paid using the wrong card? Go back in time and swap your past payment methods with Infino!
  • πŸ’ͺ

    Securely pay online with Infino’s disposable virtual cards.

A Card that doesn't suck πŸ”₯

  • All your finances in one card
    Works with most of your existing finances.

  • Personalization done right
    Card that understands your lifestyle and spending habits.

  • Manage your card on-the-go
    One click block, Pin change & Limit change.

  • Budgeting
    Track Spending Patterns on-the-go.

  • Split Payments
    Split bills between different bank accounts, wallets & cards.

  • Time Travel
    Go Back in time to change the payment method.

  • Absolutely FREE!
    You heard it right. Infino card is free!